The Best Man

I love Kristan Higgins!  I like all of her books, but I will say that I've particularly enjoyed the last few, with the exception of Just One Of The Guys - which was my favorite, until this one.

As usual, all the characters are distinct and very quirky.  And KH manages, in her inimitable way, to combine heart-wrenching emotion with comedy that at times nearly borders on slapstick, but always retains a relatable humanity.  (The early restaurant scene with the San Francisco boyfriend is a jaw-dropping, comic masterpiece.)


The touching love story between Faith Holland and Levi Cooper --  the girl who got abandoned at the altar and the best man who convinced the groom to "come out" at his wedding, thus abandoning her  -- forces these two characters to look beyond the surface of each other and see the hurt, lonely soul underneath.  A ribbon of past history exists between them, some events which they acknowledge (if only to themselves), and some they don't even know about.  KH does a wonderful job of excavating the emotional minefields in each of their pasts, and tells their individual and shared stories in a masterful way.

A book you're nearly guaranteed to laugh and cry over, and an exceedingly satisfying romance.  The book comes out on 2/26, so by the time the contest is over, it won't be too much of an "advance copy" - but this way, if you win, you'll be tempted to buy a copy for your favorite co-romance-fan, since you'll love it so much. 

Kristan Higgins has generously donated five copies of the book to give away.  Leave a comment by Noon, Sun Feb 24th (EST) to win one.  Sometimes I get notified of comments, and sometimes I don't, so either "like" my facebook page so I can contact you easily if you win, or be sure to check back on this post on Monday, Feb 25th to see if you've won (or both!).

Good luck - it's really a great book!


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